Hey there! I’m putting up this special post today in hopes that I can save even one person from this woman using them, stealing from them, or threatening them. Please forward and post this link for anyone you can.

Chenin Connole FugitiveThis woman’s name is Chenin Connole.

She comes across as a VERY nice woman who has simply had a lot of very bad things happen in her life and who leads people to believe that she can take care of herself.

She is NOT what she claims. I have included information in the video below and will be posting the text as soon as I have it transcribed.

Her dogs, a female French Mastiff named Lola and a male Rottweiler named Parker, were left with me 4 weeks ago and I am learning new information about her daily at the moment.

UPDATE: Both dogs have loving forever homes now, but while she no longer has the dogs with her, she may use pics to convince you needs money to save them. They don’t need saving any more… they’re safe!


UPDATE (11/25/2013): It’s official!! Both dogs have loving forever homes!! 

I received an email about 2 weeks ago letting me know that Chenin is still in Hawaii near Pahoa. I hope the folks she’s staying with are aware of how she operates, but either way, Lola and Parker are now focrever out of harms way. They are definitely going to be missed around here but I’m SO glad that Lola’s last years will be spent with people who will spoil and love her the way she deserves to be!

UPDATE (8/15/2013): Family says:

1. She is still in Hawaii staying with family. Hopefully they are taking care of her so that she’s not taking advantage of others. Hopefully, they’ve taken advantage of the information that we’ve offered here and are at least keeping an eye on their personal belongings, credit cards, and checkbooks… the term “family” and/or “friends” has never kept her from taking advantage.

UPDATE (7/21/2013): After speaking with family, friends and additional victims, we currently know the following:

1. She is in Hawaii.

2. She was working for a property rental company collecting payments and has taken several thousands from the owner of the property.

3. She was borrowing a car from the property owner which she no longer has.

4. She is calling people to say her Uncle has had a massive heart attack so she needs a ride to _________, depending on where she needs to get to. ** The uncle is fine flew to American Samoa with his wife for the weekend.

5. She was staying at the Uncle’s home with a cousin who seems to be set on protecting her because she’s family.

6. Enough family has been notified about what she’s up to that it appears they’ve had enough.

7. Told family that she’s flying back to Los Angeles tomorrow (7/22) to get her dogs to bring them back. State side family believes that Island side family, while they protect her from arrest, are not willing to tolerate the behavior so are buying her a plane ticket to send her back state side. She can’t tell the family that the dogs are actually in AZ because she’s been telling them for weeks now that they are at a shelter and will be transported to Los Angeles to fly them to Hawaii.

8. Spoke with a gentleman this morning who has been renting at the property in Hawaii. Says he paid Chenin and money didn’t make it to the manager. Also said his belongings (credit cards, checks, luggage etc) have all been gone through as well.

9. Another gal at rental property had loaned $800 to Chenin and hasn’t seen her since and a 2nd young lady loaned her $20 and had a charger stolen as well. She will be checking on her credit cards to make sure none are missing and that pin numbers are safe.



I’ve put my weekly check-in video below, with the text below that….


I normally do a weekly check in but this week’s is a bit different due to a situation I’ve been in and a warning that I feel has to get out.

In regards to my business, I didn’t get as much done as I’d planned. I’ve been learning more about Pinterest, and I’ve gone over my Mindless Mapping Power Point slides. There are a few more things to update on those before I do a live Google hangout for it, but it got put on the back burner last weekend due to the crap happening at my home.

For ANYONE who is watching the video or reading this, PLEASE, Tweet, put it on Google +, stick it on Facebook… wherever you socialize with people…spread this as far as you can so you can keep your family and friends from becoming victims of what seems like a REALLY nice lady!!

Many of you know that I’ve been dog sitting for the past 4 to 5 weeks. I do some pet sitting over the summer because it’s a great way to make some additional income while I’m building my business.

And something that only those of you have known me for a longer time may know, is that my intuition is typically dead-on. For as long as I can remember, even during high school years, I can pretty much tell you within 5 seconds to a minute whether I’m going to trust somebody, whether or not they’re listening, and a whole lot more.

But, the gal who left her dogs with me… I missed something major somewhere and, long story short, I’ve learned during the past week or two that I’m more than likely dealing with a sociopath.

I have researched, investigated and have contacted several police departments…

This woman bounces from place to place. She has two dogs. A gorgeous Rottweiler named Parker (male) and a French Mastiff named Lola (female).

She has two active arrest warrants in Norfolk, Virginia. When she needed help to get to Arizona, she told the gal she knew here that the woman in VA was in a wheelchair, dying of cancer, and her house had just burnt down so she had no place to go.

I’ve gotten messages from that lady. She and her house are fine. However, Chenin stole a diamond ring and 3 credit cards from her, and bailed on a $1,000 car repair bill.

She took care of this Chenin and paid for the dogs food for six months. And in return for that, the lady stole from her. Then, the day Chenin heard her on the phone with her credit card company to find out about charges, Chenin walked in the door, overheard her, said she was going to take the dogs for a ride, and then left without any of her other things.

The lady hasn’t seen her back in VA since.

The warrants are for Grand Larceny and Obtaining Money by False Pretenses (she apparently took rent money from people in an apartment complex she was managing and didn’t pay the water bill). Neither of these warrants are extraditable.

Once she left VA, she called on an old boss/friend in Arizona and told her that she had run out of gas money and was trying to get to Phoenix. The friend sent her money to get to Phoenix and, during the past five months, had been allowing her to stay at her home for free.

She says that the dogs have not been to the vet and had been locked up in the room she was staying in basically 10 to 14 hours a day. They would get let out when she came home for about five to ten minutes, and then they got locked back up… No walks, no play time.

I’ve called the animal neglect folks but I don’t know if I’m going to be able to reach them in time.

She contacted me the morning she was supposed to pick the dogs up to say she hadn’t been able to get on a standby flight (even though last week she said she had a ticket already) and that she had signed ownership of the dogs over to a rescue. She refused to give me a number and refused to give the rescue MY number. Without tons of detail, the rescue owner and I have been able to connect… Chenin gave her a wrong number for me but I tracked her down.

Chenin refused to buy food for the dogs so the lady she lived with was buying food for them. Thankfully, the dogs are, for the most part, healthy.

The Mastiff hasn’t had her nails cut in a very long time if ever so her toes twist sideways when she walks or stands. She wasn’t getting them cut because she says she doesn’t like her nails to be handled… and she won’t pay to get them done.

I’ve been told that the Mastiff gets bladder infections so I’ve made it a point to take her out regularly…

I let this woman know a week and a half… almost two weeks ago that the Mastiff has blood in her urine and she’s done nothing about it.

Since then, I spoke to the gal she was with for the five months prior to me and she said the dog has had blood in her urine for the entire five months that she was over there as well. That’s why I called the neglect folks.

I don’t know what I can do with them yet. What I DO know is that the dogs are her tie to reality.

UPDATE: The dog is now receiving proper medical care.

So if you do run into this woman, she’s really nice. She’s really sweet. She’s got ALL these stories that she’ll tell you.

She’ll tell you that her son was adopted from a man that she never married. His name (in theory) is Isaac who lives in Hawaii.

Could be true, could not be true… I haven’t been able to substantiate that either way.

However, she said that she bought the Mastiff when she was with her husband named Ian, and that Ian died in his sleep in 2005.

Ian did indeed die in his sleep in 2005, but I was told by a gal who knew them when they were in Connecticut who said that Ian overdosed, that Chenin had taken him for everything she possibly could financially and that, because the man died, he was never able to report or go after her. She also says that they had never been anything more than friends and “drug buddies”.

In addition to that, she’ll tell you that her sister lives in Montana with her brother-in-law. I spoke to a lady yesterday Friday who said she was indeed her sister. But then I spoke with someone else who has known Chenin for eleven years that said “that’s NOT her sister. Her sister has an entirely different name and her sister lives in Connecticut and hasn’t spoken with her for years.”

I believe, the best I’ve been able to tell, is that the gal in Montana is may be a high school friend.

Why she would be lying for her I don’t know. But like I said, this woman is very good at hiding who she is until she’s called on the carpet and told she needs to pay rent or utilities or actually take care of herself.

UPDATE: I have spoken with this gal and her husband… they are and have been victims as well. She is NOT lying for her, nor is she helping her any more, in spite of the fact she loves her sister.

Or, in my case, she hadn’t paid me for dog sitting before she left for Hawaii.

When I didn’t get a FedEx tracking number at the third or fourth request, along with several OTHER things that just weren’t adding up… Registration on the truck that her sister and brother-in-law were supposed to mail because it’s out-of-date… air conditioning on the truck that’s supposed to be working, so I could take the dogs to the vet… because I was hired to keep them for 120 days to have them vetted to move to Hawaii.

I don’t have a registration for the vehicle. The air conditioning’s not working and she can’t find a receipt for the work that they did, even though it’s supposed to be guaranteed for 30 to 60 days.

The vet records in Cave Creek, where she was living for the five months, somehow managed to get lost. The vet office couldn’t find them but said that for $400, they could recreate them.

I don’t know what you recreate them from when you can’t find them. But that was the story.

She had a vet in Montana, and it took almost two weeks to even get the correct fax number to them to fax the records here to Arizona for me, even though I had sent the fax number to her via text message… twice.

I did finally get in touch with the AZ vet. She did get the records from Montana but only on the Mastiff… there’s nothing on the Rottweiler.

So, the point of telling you all of this is, she’s full of a lot of stories.

Like I said, I believe she is a full on sociopath. And these dogs are her only touch with reality. I think that’s the ONLY thing real in her life.

And yet she doesn’t take care of them. Thankfully the people that she brings into her life and her story as she flits from place to place DO take care of them.

I’m letting you know because she’s not stationary.

She was born in Connecticut, and she’s done damage up there.

She has lived in Norfolk, Virginia. She has warrants out for her arrest there.

The gal who knew Ian and her in Connecticut says she also has warrants out for her arrest in Florida, which I haven’t been able to locate yet.

And, she’s been in Southern California… at least in the San Diego area.

She told me, as I said, she bought the Mastiff while she was married to Ian who it turns out was NOT her husband.

I’ve tracked down the dogs chips. She actually purchased this dog with a man that used to be her boyfriend in Tolleson, AZ. I’ve located someone who knows him who says she wiped him out financially too.

I reached out to him and, hopefully, before she shows up tomorrow morning, he will get in touch with me and let me know whether he has a claim on this dog.

I don’t know whether he let her HAVE the dog when she left or she RAN with the dog.

The only difference in my situation, and the reason I’m putting this out there, is because I truly believe that all things happen for a reason.

These dogs have been bounced from place to place. This woman has used person after person after person to support her. She has no home. She has no landing spot. And she has no money.

And, when you figure that out, she goes from very nice to very NOT nice, and I don’t know how dangerous she could possibly become in a situation where someone corners her.

She lands at the airport tonight in Arizona at ten o’clock. I’ve requested that she not come by my house to get the dogs until after 9am on Monday… she says she’ll be here at 9:30.

My son’s here with me tonight because I fully expect her to show up unannounced because she wants the dogs.

The biggest difference for HER in this situation with ME rather than anyone else that she has done this to up to this point, is that she wasn’t living in my house.

With everyone else, she was living with them and, when they figure out who she is and what she is and what she’s about, she’s been able to simply leave her belongings, grab her dogs, get in her truck, and leave.

And they’ve never seen her again.

The mistake she made in this case is she left the dogs with me and then left the mainland.

Yes, I absolutely should have checked her out before I ever agreed to take her dogs. It’s VERY unusual for me to not investigate people.

But I can tell you that if she showed up at the door tomorrow and did the same thing, I don’t think it would have ever crossed my mind that she would leave her animals with someone she’d known for a week, and fly to Hawaii, knowing that she wasn’t gonna pay me.

I told her that that it’s that part that makes me the maddest. The fact that I’m not gonna get paid is really secondary to the fact that she endangered these animals.

When I let her know that, I was told, “well I didn’t endanger my animals. I left them with you, and I left them in your care.”

I said “No, you LEFT them with someone you had known for a single week! Which means you have NO idea what kind of person I am when you threaten my family, or you threaten me, or you don’t pay me!”

I could have just as easily been someone who got so angry that, to take it out on HER, I take her animals out to the desert and DUMP them somewhere… or KILL them and dump them somewhere!

Luckily for her I’m an animal lover.

And I’m certainly not gonna take it out on the dogs because she’s the basket-case, psycho that she is.

In case you see her, or in case anyone in your family sees her, here are pictures of her dogs.

UPDATE: She no longer will have the dogs with her, but I’m sure she will use pictures of them to use to get people to help her out… the dogs will need rescued or vet care or someone’s hurting them…. SOMETHING.
Parker  Chenin Connole Rottweiler


Lola Chenin Connole's Mastiff




The mug shot at the top of this post is from the Norfolk police site.

She says she works for Pulte Realty. I’ve contacted the gal over at Pulte to let her know that this is the gal that she has in her employ, in case she has access to any kind of money.

UPDATE: I contacted the temp agency she was working for. The gal responded to let me know that Chenin was in their employ until June 18, at which time she was leaving for Hawaii. In other words, she does NOT work for Pulte, nor does she any longer have a job.

They’re gorgeous dogs! And it just kills me that she’s been treating them like this.

Parker is a very lovable Rottweiler that loves to lick your face. He also likes to pull on his leash but as you can see, for the most part he’s healthy. We’ve had to loosen his collar and his harness, because both were digging into his neck and chest so bad that most of the fur under his front legs is gone. I’m not sure that she’s checked the sizing on him for a very long time. He’s 4.5 years old and about 130 pounds.

Lola is about 120 pounds and she’s 7.5 years old. And as I said, she has blood in her urine so bad that it’s completely red when she pees, so I’m REALLY hoping that the neglect folks over at Sheriff Arpaio’s group gets in touch with me before this lady shows up.

So, PLEASE pass this on to your friends and family!

I’m gonna include this out on Facebook so people can pass it on to their families and friends as well. The more people who know about this woman, the better off we are. Because honestly, she is SO nice and has SO many stories and reasons and excuses and ways to tell you that she needs your help, that IF you have any compassion at ALL… and I know most of the people that will be reading this initially do… there’s a good chance that she WILL get into your house, because as nice as she starts out, there would be no reason for any of your family members to look her up.

I didn’t look her up, and I work security, and I hand out my home address to NO ONE!

I am what my friends consider the most paranoid person in the world when it comes to my address, and protecting my family, because we DO work security, and because my son DOES work armed, and he DOES have people he has been a witness for and put in jail.

So we’re VERY protective. We’ve had friends that have gone from friends, back to drug addicts and become a danger to my home. I’ve had business associates threaten me and my family.

So I investigate people. And if *I* didn’t investigate her, I know she’s gonna go find someone else… a pet sitter, a dog lover, somebody, somewhere who is going to take her and her dogs in because they feel sorry for her…

And you’re only going to be safe with her until you ask her for money, or you tell her that if she doesn’t leave your gonna call someone about the dogs.

I told her that, since I couldn’t get a tracking number, I thought she should come get her dogs. I was on text message with her and with the change in her tone… you would have thought I told her that I just slit her dog’s throat.. for the reaction that I got… the panic, the text messages… you would have thought that I told her I killed her dog.

That’s the change when she’s busted.

Now, for me, like I said, she made the mistake of being in Hawaii. She wasn’t some place where she could get caught, load them in the car, and leave. She couldn’t get a plane. I told her I knew who she was last Wednesday and she hasn’t been able to get on a flight until Sunday… tonight so… she couldn’t just take off.

She had to trust that I wouldn’t hurt her dogs. And right now, the last conversation she and I had via text, was calm. I don’t believe she’ll be calm when she gets here, but we’ll see. I think she’s calm right now because I was able to let her know that I’ve learned SO much about her that I almost know more about her than she knows herself, because she doesn’t know truth from fiction.

And when I throw names at her that she didn’t expect me to know about, it might have thrown her… I don’t know.

But I do know that this woman is a sociopath, which means it’s possible that she could be dangerous.

I’ve spoken to enough people who have dealt with her at this point that I know a couple things. She’s louder via text message than any other place. If she knows you know anything about her or you mention having the police stop by, she disappears. And, if she is in person and gets loud, you can back her down by telling her you will call the police.

And she IS going to be moving on to the next victim.

And yes, right now I’m in Arizona. But please PLEASE…

I don’t care where your friends and family are. Just because this woman is currently coming to Arizona does NOT mean she’s gonna stay here. She’s gone from Connecticut to Virginia to Montana to Texas to Hawaii to Southern California to Utah and back here to Phoenix!

She’s gonna go wherever she needs to go, and however far a tank of gas can take her from what I can tell.

So please, let your family and friends know.

I’ll catch you guys up later on what I’m doing with the business and I’ll update you on this situation as well.

But really all I’ve been doing this week is just learning more about Pinterest, getting my hangouts together and, for the most part, not near as much business as I would have liked to get done because I have been dealing with these dogs and what I’m going to do with them and how I’m going to handle this situation.

I hope everyone’s having a really awesome week.

I’ve experienced a LOT of people in my lifetime and a lot of different personalities but I GOTTA say, this is DEFINITELY a first for me.

Keep your family safe.

Investigate the people that you allow into your home. I don’t care HOW nice they are, it’s two minutes for a quick Google search.

I’m looking forward to a VERY, VERY productive work week! Take care.

Your Turn: If you’ve had any run-ins or experience with this gal, please feel free to add the info in the comments below so that there’s less chance of her explaining things away to her next “victim”. Or, you can drop me an anonymous note if you prefer.

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37 Responses to WARNING about Chenin Connole: Please Pass This On – Plus a Quick Update

  1. rosheen rayburnNo Gravatar says:

    Did she come back? I would be shocked! If you say my name it will make her very worried. She is a little afraid of me as I really had it out when I figured it all out. I have family in Hawaii I called the police also. I wish I had looked more into it.

    Call some time.
    Rosheen Rayburn

    • debijNo Gravatar says:


      She hasn’t come back for the dogs. She’s texted to say a rescue gal is coming by to get them but isn’t willing to have the gal call me to make arrangements for pickup. I’ll call in a few and am editing your number off my blog just to protect your privacy. Thanks!
      debij recently posted..WARNING about Chenin Connole: Please Pass This On – Plus a Quick UpdateMy Profile

      • Karen WhitleyNo Gravatar says:

        Thanks for your posting. I am doing all I can to spread the word. Her last name is pronounced Conol. She stole 4 credit cards and a diamond ring from me. She pawned the ring but the police got it back for me. She claims to have a half sister named Michelle in Montana. She says Michelle had cerebral palsy and died in 2012 from a blood clot. She told me her sister Chanda in CT needs a kidney transplant and she was going to donate one but the surgery had to be postponed due to her sisters drug abuse. The Jeep she drives was not drivable before she left here. My mechanic repaired it for her and let her take it before paying for it because my husband and I vouched for her, as she was “supposed” to be receiving money from Cherie to pay for the repairs.
        We paid the $1000 for the repairs after she fled.
        Chenin also has a full low back tattoo representing Ean and Jaden, the husband and baby she never had. She is really sick.
        Also Lola was peeing blood when she was here. Thanks again, Karen call me if you want to (edited for privacy)
        One more thing, I have a son in Phoenix who I sent your video to, I asked him to share it.

        • debijNo Gravatar says:


          Thank you for helping get the word out. I will edit your number out for privacy sake, but if anyone contacts me to speak to you I will forward it along.

          Michelle is indeed alive in MT. Her husband is Scott Williamson. I called her to see if Chenin had permission to sell the truck (since she was going to “give” it to me after she picked up the dogs to make up for the half-price I was charging her to watch them).

          I spoke with Michelle. She said she is Chenin’s sister (would be half or step since her sister’s name is Chawnda and lives in CT). Sounds like she may indeed have CP, but it’s also possible that she’s willing to lie for Chenin. She told me that Scott sent the title to the truck to my PO Box. Chenin said he sent it on the 4th of July. Today is the 16th and it’s not here… I know budget cuts are slowing them down but really?! :)

          That doesn’t mean however, that Chenin isn’t lying to her as well and could have very easily given her a wrong address to cover herself at both ends. She could also be an innocent victim in all of this.

          UPDATE: I have spoken with this gal and her husband. She is a half-sister as well as a victim of many of Chenin’s lies and stealing. They were not given an apartment number. Thankfully, they had sent it with a tracking number so the post office is sending it back to him and they will then re-forward to me.

          I have a copy of one of your credit card statements in her truck glove box in case people reading this wonder if it’s just another person telling stories.

          She said she had the a/c fixed on the truck before she left so I could transport the dogs to the vet if needed…. Not fixed and still hasn’t mailed me the receipt… or again, the Post Office is REALLY slow.

          I’ve been in contact with at least 3 more people since I did the video. This woman has a path of destruction nation wide. I know what I’m doing here is helping because it’s cutting off her ability to get help to move on to the next victim as we all share our stories and start figuring out what she’s been doing.

          She was supposed to pick the dogs up yesterday at 9:30am. Got a text that she couldn’t get on a standby flight (must have lost the scheduled flight ticket she said she had last week), and was sending someone over from a shelter named Shelley that she had transferred ownership to and changed the chips over to.

          Chips aren’t changed. Shelley never showed. Dogs are still here. Let me know if anyone’s interested in a really friendly, well-behaved French Bull Mastiff or a really friendly, thinks-he’s-a-lap-dog and is slowly but surely learning not to pull you around on his walks Rottweiler. 😀
          debij recently posted..WARNING about Chenin Connole: Please Pass This On – Plus a Quick UpdateMy Profile

  2. Susan VelezNo Gravatar says:

    Wow that kind of sucks, now you not only have to try to work on your business everyday, but you have to deal with all those headaches. Sorry to hear that. I need to start learning how to judge people’s characters, I tend to trust everyone.
    Susan Velez recently posted..Email List Builder – Create Your Freebie GiveawayMy Profile

  3. debijNo Gravatar says:

    It’s taking much more time than I’d like but all in all when it’s handled, will protect a lot of people from her continuing to do this or from getting any more help from unsuspecting family and friends… all things happen for a reason. :)

    And yes, I don’t care who you’re dealing with… we’ve even had friends turn… so definitely check out strangers, even if it’s no more than a quick Google search!
    debij recently posted..WARNING about Chenin Connole: Please Pass This On – Plus a Quick UpdateMy Profile

  4. please do not call my mother a lier. My mother Michelle Williamson and father Scott Williamson are not liars and to even think you would think so pisses me off….my mom does have cp and i am her caregiver at the moment for when my dad goes to work…chenin who i know personally being that she is my aunt or half aunt is exactly what you said a sosipath as well as a compulsive liar and theif she stole precious items from my mother that are irreplacable…..she has lied to me….but me, my mom, and my dad would never ever lie for her….i cant stand her for the pain she has put my family through not just my mom and dad but my aunties and my grandma her own mother. for you to think that my mom would lie is ridiculous and unbelievable…if you would to talk to me personally my number is [edited for privacy].
    I am grateful you are putting her out there and i hope she gets caught but please dont think for a minute that me and my family would lie for her.

    • debijNo Gravatar says:


      I put that info out there with only the knowledge I had while working on figuring all this out. I’ve spoken to your mom several times at this point and am well aware that she is another victim of Chenin.

      I’ve edited out your phone number for privacy purposes and want to tell you that you’re an awesome daughter! Not all kids are willing to stick up for their parents this way this quickly, especially with a stranger. Keep it up!!

      debij recently posted..WARNING about Chenin Connole: Please Pass This On – Plus a Quick UpdateMy Profile

    • Karen WhitleyNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Angelina, I am Karen, the person Chenin conned and stole from in VA. She told me her Mother is dead. Is that true?

  5. Hi Debbie,
    How are Lola and Parker?
    Did Shelly come for them?
    Have you been able talk with Chanda, or anybody else?

  6. angelina cunninghamNo Gravatar says:

    Im sorry for getting so upset earlier but this woman has ruined lives includong my moms and its sad that she will try to contact my mom askinfor help them turn around and say shes dead….i am infuriated. She is a sicj sick.woman an needs help big time….i hope thise bqbies get a goid home and she hoes to jail.
    Thank you.for what your doing

  7. thank you for being so understanding and i definitally will continue to defend my mom and family….i thank you so much for being willing to do what others are scared to do you are awesome for that and i hope all your wantning to accomplish comes through just as it needs to….anytime you wanna talk or get more info on her i will do my best to help in whatever way possuble.

  8. i have some info…please contact me or may i contact you

  9. debijNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Angelina, Just got your note. Sent you an email.
    debij recently posted..WARNING about Chenin Connole: Please Pass This On – Plus a Quick UpdateMy Profile

  10. Angelina CunninghamNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Karen no she not dead yes she has cerebral palsy yes she is on a wheel chair and has been almost all her life yes she had an issue with a blood clot but no she is not dead

    • Karen WhitleyNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Angelina, Your Mom sounds like an awesome lady! My question was about her Mom (your Grandma). Is she still living?

      Thanks, Karen

  11. AlohaNo Gravatar says:

    I am living in Hawaii..Chenin is here! She conned me by lying about her both dogs dying. She was suppossed to pay me $500 to acconodate her in a hotel for 5 nights. I followed her to the bank and waited for three hours to get my money back…Im ready to do my write up to save others in Hawaii.She has been living in Waianae with her cousin Calvin. I just saw her yesterday, after she didnt pay me, I kicked her out of the room and refused to help her.Ready to turn her in!

    • debijNo Gravatar says:

      This is exactly why we’re spreading the word around… she takes advantage of people everywhere she goes. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve become another victim. But thank you for coming forward so that you might help others avoid this.

      So far, she hasn’t done anything big enough to get the police to get involved, but maybe if more people in Hawaii and here keep calling the police about her, it will start to add up.
      debij recently posted..Pinstamatic – A Must Have (& Free) Tool for Fast Pinning!My Profile

  12. Mike HuiwitzNo Gravatar says:

    All the more reason why we should be careful on dealing with other people. Schemers come in many form. We should be vigilant. Hope other victims managed to get their money back from this woman.
    Mike Huiwitz recently posted..how to get ur ex backMy Profile

  13. No my grandma passed aeay due to drinking to much and a bad night….a night of partying that dis not end well….im sorry to all of you who have had a bad expwrience with her. She is a liar a theif and a bad person over all who will say and do anything to get by even hurt family hense telling people my mom was dead and recenrly in an altercation threating me with having my kids takrn away because im keeping hwr dogs from here when in actuality i have no clue whats going on xompletely with the. Dogs. I pray more people speak up please dont be afraud to dont allow what gas happened to you to happen to someone else

    • Karen WhitleyNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks Angelina, I’m so sorry you and your family were and continue to be hurt by Chenin. If you need any info from me let me know. I was crushed by her betrayal but it is no one’s fault but hers!Certainly not yours. I hope you can feel the love of this community that has formed around those who have been affected negatively by Chenin Conole. It’s sort of a support group. As a victim, it helps me to know more about this con artist who came into my life. So thank you and your Mom for opening yourselves to us. Karen

  14. This I find so disgusting & am so ashamed to call her my blood sister. Chenin has told people that I am dead, a heroin addict & a prostitute. She has attempted to ruin plenty of peoples lives. My love thoughts & prayers are with all of you & not that it is my responsibility to apologize for her actions I AM TRUELY SORRY FOR THE PAIN & SORROW SHE HAS CAUSED YOU ALL IN

    • debijNo Gravatar says:


      I appreciate you stopping by to comment, not because people need your apology for Chenin’s actions, but because it helps those who she’s hurt (and those we’re trying to warn) understand that she truly has no boundaries for whether she hurts family, friends or strangers.

      I’m sorry that your sister has hurt you as well. It’s tough when family has mental issues that you have no control over. Just know that people here (and I know because I’ve spoken with most of them) have no ill will towards you or your family. Most would simply like to see Chenin get help, but feel she won’t because she doesn’t seem to be aware that what she’s doing is a problem.

      And that’s the reason I put this post on my site…. not to hurt you or your family, but to protect others who she may cross paths with… and to help those she’s already hurt to understand that they’re not “stupid” because they didn’t see it coming, and that they’re not alone in feeling that way.

      Again, thanks for stopping by… and take care of you and yours.
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    • Karen WhitleyNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Chanda,
      Thanks for your comments. It helps me to know that her family is aware of her mental illness and related activities. It would be my hope that she would be committed to an institution where she could be helped. I believe she is delusional.

      She did tell me horrible things about her family, but that’s all part of her sympathy seeking con. I now know not to believe ANYTHING she said about ANYTHING!

      If you want to contact me please look me up on facebook.

      I wish you and your family all the best life has to offer.

      Karen Whitley

  15. Thank you Debi & Karen and again this has been going on for years she truly does need to be committed & get the help she so badly needs. At one point in her life she actually tried to tell my daughter who was maybe 7 years old that I was not her real mother and that she was. Chenin can not have children never has had any and never will be able to. As far as Ean goes it is a very very sad story she took everything from him. Also there is a man named Tom Bracket in Arizona that she took him for everything also. My family said that she is still in Hawaii but they don’t really want here there. You are all in my thoughts & prayers.

  16. Kris McAllisterNo Gravatar says:

    I have known Chenin since she was around 7 years old. I babysat her and sister Chanda. She actually contacted me last year out of the blue asking me for money. She said she was stuck at a train station and needed $200.00 to get to her next destination. She stated that her wallet was stolen from her purse. I had not heard from Chenin in over 20 years and found it amusing that she contacted me and I could easily tell she was looking for drug money. I did not give!! I have had run ins with Chenin before. She once lived with my family and stole my fathers wallet from his suit jacket. The wallet was found the next day by someone in the boat launch at Holland Beach. All the cash was removed but everything else intact. I believe I was around 17 at the time which would have made Chenin around 14 or 15. Thanks to a close freind, he came to my parents and informed them that Chenin had purchased marijuana from him the evening before. I almost took the wrap for that!! THIS DOES NOT SURPRISE ME!!! I probably know more truth about Chenin than anyone. Her life was not that of a good one. At 11 years of age she and her sister Chanda were left in my care for an entire summer wile there mother took off with a man. There was quite a bit of emotional abuse in her life. BUT…this does not excuse her of these wrong doings. She is a grown woman!

    • debijNo Gravatar says:

      Hopefully she’ll seek the help she needs at some point or authorities may eventually intervene. It seems a crappy way to live, but sounds like it’s been going on for so long that she just doesn’t know the difference.
      debij recently posted..Lessons Learned & Affiliate Case StudyMy Profile

      • Debi as Chenins full blooded sister who grew up with her I have to totally agree with you that she needs serious mental health help but is convinced there is nothing wrong with her. Police intervention will most likely be the only way she will receive that help. My mother had other children with another man so I have a half sister Michelle Williamson and also a brother Louis that she left behind with there father when she met our father. we did not know each other as kids I recently within the past several years found out that I have two other brothers that are older that she gave up for adoption. Chenin was aware of this as I was not for I was almost 2 years younger then Chenin. Chenin located my older brother in the southern California area and told him awful things about me just like she said to Kris and they continued to spread these rumors however Chenin told my older brothers that I was dead. Chenins goal was to keep us separated & she did a very good job of it for over 40 + years. Today I can say I have a relationship with my brothers & sister Michelle & I also have a niece Angel who has children also. I have 3 beautiful grown children of my own & my first grandchild. My daughter is a healthcare provider in 2 hospitals & a wonderful mother my middle son is serving our great country in the Air Force currently in Korea & my youngest son is a chef for ESPN & attending college for his degree in Criminal Justice like myself my father and my younger brothers. My father & grandparents are very respected members of our community and are ashamed of her & her behavior.

        • Debi JNo Gravatar says:


          I’ve had a chance to talk with your sister Michelle as well as her daughter and they’re awesome people!

          I think it’s sad that you have to deal with so much of the “blame” though. People shouldn’t hold you responsible for what another family member does, especially as adults. Chenin is responsible for her own actions and should be held accountable for them as well.

          I’m not sure whether she’s still having issues with drugs or not. Given the multiple times in the past few weeks that she starts ranting on my text messages sporadically, it’s very possible. Typically folks with addictions do that sort of thing… but it could also just be the mental issues that keep her believing the stories she makes up (like being married and losing a baby and such).

          The most recent rant about stealing her dogs said she’s sending a lawyer to sue me (that your dad is hiring), and will be going after the people who now own the dogs as well.

          I told her to give my number to your dad and I’d be more than happy to speak with him, explain things, and save him the expense. I’m guessing that she’s again ranting a fantasy as I have yet to hear from the past attorney she threatened me with… like I said, she comes and goes, rants and threatens, then disappears for a few weeks again.

          I’m sorry if I’ve contributed to any issues you be dealing with by posting this information on my blog. It was never the intent to hurt innocent people, but simply to warn future victims that Chenin is not who or what she claims to be.

          Take care of yourself and your family… Chenin is certainly out of your control at this point!
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  17. Carmelina ConnoleNo Gravatar says:

    Chenin definitely needs help! She called me one day, asking me to write a letter in reference to her mom, so she could get an investigation opened about her mom. She then said, that the Florida hurricane, happened where she lost everything and had no place to go. She asked if my parents had a rent available. Upon the knowledge from another relative saying you can’t trust her, etc. We gave her the benefit of the doubt. We knew them since they were little. Didn’t think she would do this, since they lived upstairs for awhile with her family when younger. My parents let her rent from them, which she never paid rent. She was crying so badly one day, that she needed money for carpayments,etc. My parents loaned her money, in which her dad paid them back. I think her friend Ian gave her money to pay rent, which never went to my parents. My parents in the beginning gave her free rent for about a month, or two. My mom would even give her meals. My parents couldn’t take it anymore, being elderly, I had to get her evicted. And by the way, she had her dog Lola then, who still had the same urinary problem!

    • debijNo Gravatar says:

      So sorry to hear that you ran into the same issues. And it’s crazy to me how she says that Lola is her entire world and yet never got her help for the urinary stuff. I put her on antibiotics for 10 days… it took all of 2-3 days for the bleeding to completely stop and she’s been fine since!!

      So glad we were able to at least get the dogs away from her.

      Here’s to hoping that enough people will see this post and all that comments that they won’t lose so much when and if she crosses their path….

      Thank you for being willing to share your story.
      debij recently posted..Lessons Learned & Affiliate Case StudyMy Profile

      • I would like to know how does she manage to change vehicles? Does she rent these vehicles? How does she get credit to obtain a vehicle? Her grandmother bought her a car a few years ago? And Ian didn’t die in 2005, he died a few years later.

      • This message is for Kris McAllister!!!! I am Chenins Full blooded sister am I proud of it no but we cant choose our Family. I grew up in the same house I KNOW HER BETTER THEN ANYONE!!!!!! I have been blamed for more of her actions then anyone. Even you Kris have put Blame on me for things she has done. You two hung thick as thiefs for a long time you Chenin Jimmy and John spent many days as friends. No our life was not perfect my mother was not perfect no one ever is but we did have our father and grandparents you did not ever take care of us for an entire summer!!! Continue to speak ill of my deceased mother again and this will become a legal matter in court. I am no longer a young girl I am a grown woman with training & a college education. I am also very sure you would not want me to have Kathy Mazzaferro write about you & your SKELETONS!!!!

  18. Please lets keep this about chenin….we all have our crap and our issues with her let this be about getting her help

  19. TianaNo Gravatar says:

    Hi my name is meritiana you can call me meri Chenin use to live with me and my family when I read about your blog I just told her that she has to leave right away because I don’t have patience for this kind of person because my family is thing to me she left last week Monday I still have her number.

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