Whether you’re blogging about your passions and hobbies or you’re goal is to build an online business income, there are certain tools, technical know-how, and training that you’re gonna have to learn about in order to be successful. And, given that there’s only a limited number of hours available in any given day, you wanna make sure that they’re well-spent.

When I first started researching what it takes to start an online business, I quickly realized that there are tons of options to choose from in regards to business models, blogging platforms, graphic tools, hosting options, tax documentation and more.

And there are just as many scumbags online who are willing to take your money for half-baked products that will never deliver on their promises.

So how do you figure it all out without working yourself to death, trusting the wrong people, or going broke before ever getting your blog or business off the ground?

Answer: You find people you trust. You see if they’re doing the things you need to do and, if they are, you find out which tools they use, who THEY trust, and who THEY originally learned from… saves a ton of heartache, frustration, money and time!!

Disclaimer: I don’t know it all. I like to believe that in many areas of my life that I do, but when it comes to internet marketing, I’m still learning. If there’s ever something along the way that you ask about and I don’t know the answer, I’ll let you know. I’d rather you find out that there are things I DON’T know than to lead you down the wrong path. Trust is something you can only get once per person.

The Good News: It took a while, but I was able to find a few people along the way who are honest, open, and willing to share what they know. Because of that, I’m now able to pay it forward and assist others on the same path.

So, here are the resources I recommend. They’re not the only ones out there. They’re just the ones I use and trust in my own business.

Web Hosting

I’ve used several different hosting companies over the years (BlueHost, LunarPages, and a gaming one I can’t even remember now), but HostGator has been my favorite. They use cPanel like so many others but their customer service has been way above what I’ve found elsewhere. 

Brandable Reports

PLR Q&A – How to Use PLR on Your Blog & Profit – written by Nicole Dean



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